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Lady Who Dates Older Men Has One N*pple Bigger Than The Other After Surgery (Photos)


Lady Who Dates Older Men Has One N*pple Bigger Than The Other After Surgery (Photos)

A lady’s fourth b**b job has left her with one nipple twice the size of the other. Nina has appeared on E!’s Botched desperate for help to fix her expanding left n*pple which is considerably bigger than her right.

Dr Terry Dubrow, the show’s breast surgeon, tells his patient the problem is a common complication of big implants.

The 38-year-old tells viewers she is a professional Sugar Baby spending her time in relationships with older men. Her five Sugar Daddies have funded her plastic surgery, she revealed.

The New Yorker’s four b**bs jobs have seen her increase her implants from 250cc to a giant 1,600cc. It’s estimated that every 200cc increase in implant size adds one cup size to your bra measurements.

Examining his patient, Dr Dubrow explains how in breast implant ops, doctors insert Gore-Tex sutures to keep things in place.

But in Nina’s case, he said her left breast keeps “spitting out” the Gore-Tex, rejecting the foreign body.

He tells viewers: “What happens is, when you spit out gore tex, it allows the underlying implant to stretch the areola and the scar. “If it fails, an areola with a large breast implant behind it can be very, very stretched out and it can lead to a very significant cosmetic problem.”

Nina, who tells the show’s hosts Dr Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif she’s the captain of the “Boobinati  the big boob army”, said her dream is to go under the knife again, in her quest for an even bigger bust.

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