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Lady Says She Was Willing To Have S3x With Her Kidnapper In Order To Escape Him


Lady Says She Was Willing To Have S3x With Her Kidnapper In Order To Escape Him

The model at the centre of a daring kidnapping plot says she has been “vindicated” after her abductor was handed a lengthy prison sentence. Chloe Ayling, 21, hit the headlines last year after the lurid conspiracy to sell her as a s3x slave on the dark web was revealed to a sceptical British public.

Chloe, from Coulsdon in south London, has revealed further shocking details about her ordeal and claimed she was even willing to have s3x with her tormentor to stay alive.

In an interview with The Sun, she said: “I thought I might have to sleep with him to survive. “My only move to get out of there alive was to get him to like me.”

Lukasz Herba, from Poland, was found guilty of abducting the glamour model in July of last year and was order to serve a 16 year jail sentence by an Italian court.

During the trial it emerged that Herba had become obsessed with Chloe after he discovered her photographs on Facebook.

Chloe has described her relief that Herba is now behind bars and says she is overjoyed that doubts about her story have now been dismissed.

Chloe’s five-day ordeal began after she was lured to a fake photoshoot in Milan which had been organised by Herba and his accomplice. Upon arrival, she says she was injected with ketamine by a masked man and was taken to a farmhouse near Turin after being stuffed inside a suitcase.

She said: “Suddenly this man has his hand on my mouth covering my nose.

“And then another man ran in front of me with a mask on. I saw he had a syringe. “When I woke up I was so drugged. Slowly as I regained consciousness, I realised I was in the back of a car. “I had no idea why they were ­taking me. Everything went through my head are they going to r*pe me? Are they going to kill me?”

Mother of one Chloe says she had once forced to go along with Herba’s demands out of fear that she would be killed and was freed after she convinced him to release her to the the UK consulate.

“He told me we were going shoe shopping because I’d need shoes to walk to the consulate in Milan when he released me. “When he asked to kiss me I didn’t say no. I didn’t want to upset him. Instead I would say, ‘Maybe in the future.’ “He asked me to hold hands and I was hardly going to say no. He had so much power over me.

“He was never violent but he would often show me his knife as a veiled threat. I knew not to mess with him. “I ­discovered he had been trying to create ricin and cyanide at home before the kidnapping. “Imagine if I’d done something differently it could have ended very badly.”

“I thought that if I gave him what he wanted that there would be no point in him releasing me. “I could see that he was happy about it so I continued to put it off. “If he hadn’t reacted in that way, then maybe I would have gone through with it.

Chloe is now awaiting the trial of Herba’s alleged accomplice, his brother Michal, who is accused of helping to organise her kidnapping.

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