Man Born Without Penis Finally Has S3x With Girlfriend At 45

September 12, 2018

Man Born Without Penis Finally Has S3x With Girlfriend At 45 1A man given a £50,000 bionic willy by docs after being born without one has finally had s3x at 45. Surgeons created the organ using skin from Andrew Wardle’s arm before attaching it during a ten-hour operation. He bedded girlfriend Fedra Fabian, using a button to pump it up. And­rew, of Manchester, said: “I’m so pleased with it.”

Andrew Wardle had to endure a painful ten-day erection after surgeons attached the £50,000 organ. But after using his new manhood to have s3x for the first time in a 30-minute session with girlfriend Fedra Fabian he’s set his heart on being a dad.

Describing his joy at finally losing his virginity at the age of 45, Andrew told The Sun: “It’s fantastic.“After all Fedra and I have been through, it’s the cherry on the cake.” Andrew was born without a p*nis because of a one-in-20million birth abnormality.

Only in his late thirties did he ­discover that doctors might be able to fashion one for him using an ­operation called a phalloplasty.

He eventually went under the knife in June, when surgeons created the organ using skin from his arm and nerves from his legs and then attached it in a ten-hour procedure.
Andrew, from Manchester, spent ten days with the agonising erection and was ordered to wait at least six weeks before having s3x.

But it proved worthwhile when he finally romped with Fedra, 28 who called the experience “amazing”.
Andrew, who uses a button in his groin to inflate the organ with saline fluid via a valve in his scrotum, told The Sun he was chuffed with his “ridiculously big” new todger.

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Describing his long-awaited debut s3x session, he said: “Fedra had booked a romantic trip to Am­s­t­erdam for my birthday, but I felt that would have been too much pressure.


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