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I Still Receive Death Threats On Daily Basis – Former P*rn Star Reveals


I Still Receive Death Threats On Daily Basis – Former P*rn Star Reveals

Former porn star turned sports presenter Mia Khalifa has still receives death threats on a daily basis. And the 25-year-old says she “can’t go certain places alone” due to the sick messages.

Khalifa made the admission four years after she was threatened by ISIS during her adult entertainment heyday.

She told The Daily Star: “They (death threats) happened about four years ago. I still get them on a daily basis, just not from organised terrorists and organisations.”

Khalifa, once voted PornHub’s most-watched star, was believed to have been targeted after wearing a hijab in several of her movies before retiring in 2014.

But her performances shot her to fame and helped to launch her career away from the porn industry – although she admits her stardom has come at a price.

She said: “I was not expecting it but I’m not going to completely discredit that I’m social media savvy.

“So it’s taken work and it’s definitely left me opportunities, my social media rise. Fame was not really my intention or my goal, success was.

“And if that’s a by-product then I guess that’s the price I have to pay. I had to change a lot of things about my life.

“I can’t go certain places alone, I can’t go to certain places at night, I have to be careful about places, it’s definitely changed my life.”

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1 Comment

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