Woman Strangles Her Lover During S3x Before Cutting His Body Parts

July 3, 2018

Woman Strangles Her Lover During S3x Before Cutting His Body Parts 1A young woman accidentally strangled her lover during a rough s3x session and dismembered his body in a gruesome Satanic sacrificial ritual, a lawyer claimed today. Anastasia Onegina, 21, is said to have hacked ex-policeman Dmitry Sinkevich, 24, to pieces earlier this year.

But now it has emerged Mr Sinkevich’s corpse was butchered with a kitchen knife, his body was drained of blood and hands and feet were stored in the fridge of his lover’s flat, police say.

Yulia Minazova, prosecuting in Oryol, west Russia, said the victim had multiple “spindle-shaped punctures” on his shoulders and his ears and fingers were severed. She said the injuries resembled Satanic idol Baphomet.

She added: “Fingers were cut off that Baphomet usually folds inwards in images. Exactly the same.

“And he has cloven hooves, which seems similar to the severed toes on Dmitry’s feet.“Many sources describe Baphomet with blond curly hair. Dmitry had the same.”The spindle-shaped holes on the shoulders may have been seen a way to attach wings with which the idol is portrayed.

The corpse’s arms and legs were severed as was the penis.
Religious experts say that the killing and dismembering of Sinkevich who worked as a barman was done on the last night for sacrifice in the lunar cycle.The lawyer continued: “This dismemberment was not pragmatic but creative, undertaken for a ritual of sacrifice.”

Mr Sinkevich, who was a barman after he left the police force, was found dismembered by his sister.
Onegina told cops she “accidentally strangled him during hard s3x”.

Investigative sources say she went bought bleach to clean the flat and remove any fingerprints.
She is now undergoing psychiatric assessment.

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